Manage my Broker

In order to allow agencies to pay for their agents, Urbanimmersive has set up a Broker credit line system. In order to do so, customer service will assign broker ownership to an account. Then a credit line and a list of clients will be activated so that they can choose from the list for whom they want to pay.

Go to your right menu and click on broker

In this section you will see 3 payment options available;

  • Online orders; Order with linked payments
  • Subscriptions: monthly or annual payment
  • Independent invoices: invoice not linked to a subscription or an appointment

Instructions to agents will be posted at the time of payment so that the agent can read and accept the conditions 

The final step is to determine which agents the agency will pay for. Use the filters to navigate through the list of clients you pay for, could pay for, and should not pay for  (i.e., do not match the filter set by customer service) 

To know how to pay the credit line click here 

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