How to pay my credit line

In order to be able to make payments once a month, customer service can activate a credit line for you. Every order, invoice and subscription can be put on the credit line and at the end of each month you will receive a statement of your transactions. 
Once you receive the statement it is your duty to pay the credit line. To do so you must go to your account and click on pay my credit or line of credit . 

Then in this tab, you will see;

  • your balance, 
  • your last statement, 
  • your current statement, 
  • your statement history 

In order to pay your balance you will need to click on make a payment. 

When paying the credit line you will have several payment options available, 
  • The minimum payment
  • The full amount of the last statement
  • The total amount of the credit line 
  • A personalized payment 

You will have to enter your credit card information, and register it or not. Then click on Pay. 

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