New Order Process

Welcome into the new IMOTO platform, to start ordering select ORDER NOW.  

Then, select the service you would like to order in the IMOTO service selection ;

Depending on the service selected previously, you will have the choice of specific options ;

Once your service and options are selected, enter the listing address. 

Select your desired date for your appointment ;

Once your date is set, all your favorite IMOTO photographers that are offering your selected service and that are available will be displayed. At this step you will need to select the time slot you need.

Note that if you select a guaranteed hour you will have 15 minutes to finish booking the appointment. After that time, the appointment becomes available for another customer.

Enter any additional information that may help your photographer do the best job.

Depending on your account configuration, select your preferred method of payment here. You can at any time add a credit card on that page. 

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